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DNE Hair Brand Story


To be distinguished and make our work excelsior, to service our clients and bring them surprise. DNE hair emerged at the historic moment, not only the pursuit of rigorous product process, but also put our customer experience in the most important position.



“It’s only the unexpected surprisesfrom every client can make our brand distinguished, and only the excelsior service from the beginning to the end can achieve it” Says Una, the founder of DNE Hair, who “comb” deep in the wig selling industry and found that customer's using experience was compromised due to the lack of empathy and elaboration.

Afterserved many offline wholesalers for nearly ten years. The DNE hair factory has helped many customers in obscurity, from wholesale retailers to salons, all of them are amazed by the stable quality of our products and the intimate service we provide from beginning to end. From the earliest luxury clip-in long hair, which can naturally melt best when celebrity need the perfect image, and not too long after that, game-changing lace front wigs, 360 wigs, closure wigs, which could protect one’s own hair and instantly serve as perfect solution for the situation customers used to spend their hard-earn money and time-consuming.

Change is not only reflected in our attitude towards products. When we realize that the era of Internet shopping has already arrived, only the most direct contact with customers can realize the ultimate value of our brand, A new journey for dnehair.com begins.


Core Value


We insist that products are not produced in the assembly line but as a work of art from point to surface carved and born. Not only the fuller, longer hair and undergoes the most advanced techniques, but also the packaging to every touch and scent of the wig.


We are committed to meeting the needs of different types of customers, from wig demanders to small business operators, not just providing products and answering questions, we will provide the most perfect product improvement and OEM solutions in the discussion of the community.


Why US

No longer for the same ordinary consumption,only the wholeheartedness can please themself, should tell her, this is what you 

2019 Bologna International Beauty Show
DNE hair customer service with our customer
DNE hair customer service with our customer
DNE hair customer service with our customer
DNE hair store brand logo with our slogan we do remy hair only
2018 Guangzhou Hair Expo
2017 London Exhibition
DNE hair booth display
DNE hair booth display
DNE remy hair picture taken by iPhone
DNE customer service is telling customers about tape hair
2015 Asian Hairstylist Festival