5 ways to protect your hair while swimming

With the development of society, it is now not limited to being afraid of losing your hair while you are enjoying life. Fortunately, many women are getting rid of their fear of water. Say goodbye to running out in the rain or avoiding the pool at a party. Here's a quick guide to swimming while protecting your hair:

1. Wet your hair in front of the pool. It is recommended that you wet your hair with clean water before entering the pool. This prevents your hair from soaking through the pool, chlorine and other chemicals after entering the pool. A moisturizing spray is also an option.

2. Add a protective agent to your wig. Coconut oil and protein help moisturize hair while minimizing chlorine intake. Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray is the most popular.

3. Rinse. Chlorine is extremely damaging to hair, especially around the temples and hairline. So if you can't shower right after the pool, fill a spray bottle with fresh water and spray it whenever you want.

4. After rinsing your hair, consider using a mild cleansing and moisturizing shampoo and finish with a conditioner. (If you have time, you can add a deep conditioning treatment).

5. LCO method. It's simple: leave-in conditioner, cream, and then a light oil. This is a great way to restore your hair after swimming. It's a layering technique that quenches your hair's thirst, then uses oil in the final step to lock in moisture and product efficacy. Here is an example of understanding the porosity of natural hair.

Swim cap situation: Contrary to popular belief, the classic latex cap squeezes your head and doesn't really prevent all your hair from getting wet. Swimming caps can cause pulling and tension near the temples and hairline, which are already sensitive to chlorine. Breakage can occur if a protective oil or cream is not applied to the edges before putting on the cap. So, get these ready for your next vacation or pool party!