Choose the perfect hair density for your wig

Wigs play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, such as birthday parties and going shopping. Girls will choose a gorgeous wig to decorate themselves. But sisters, when buying any style of wig, you need to understand a very important feature — wig density. Purchasing a wig of the right density will ensure that you can embrace a perfectly natural haircut.

Our advice to DNE queens:

  • Short (6 inches to 10 inches): For short hairstyles, we recommend choosing a density that's between 130 or 150%. These densities will look most natural and will reduce the chance of your styles coming out too bulky.
  • Medium (12 inches to 16 inches): For medium-length styles, we recommend choosing a density between 150 or 180%. Choose your specific density depending on how much volume you prefer.
  • Long (18 inches to 22 inches): When it comes to long hair, higher density is preferred to give you enough volume and fullness. Choose density 180 or 250%.
  • Extra Long (24 inches to 30+ inches): For extra long hair, 250% density is recommended. It'll ensure that your hair is full from roots to tips.

dne hair wig density and weight about each length post on blog choose perfect wig density for your wig

Different densities have different effects.

120 - 130% density wig: It is standard in the wig market. Due to its subtle volume and natural-looking fullness, it is preferred by many.

150% density wig: 150% density is for people who like a bit of extra fullness in their units. It's easy to find because of its popularity.

180% density wig: This density level is great for both short and long wigs.

200% density wig: 200% density wigs are considered full and voluminous. They lend themselves well to longer styles and looks but can still work for updos and shorter styles.

250% density wig: 250% density wigs are the fullest, most luxurious wigs on the market. They are great for big, celeb-inspired looks.

Which density do you prefer? You can share your personal experience with DNE Hair when you choose a wig density. Thank you for your favorite and reading.