How did TikTok change me? Wigs or life, etc.

TikTok has truly changed the way we consume media. From fashion videos and hairstyle tutorials to daily jokes and dance videos, TikTok has quickly become the most popular social media app. Black women have been taking over the app and starting to offer hair and makeup tutorials. Black women have posted videos of how they wear wigs, braids, clothing and make up tutorials on natural wigs. Black women have shifted hair trends away from their bouncy and retro-inspired curls to create their own. For the past two years or so, black women have been using TikTok to keep up with hair and beauty trends.

TikTok users have gained a lot of followers for wig tutorials and looks. Hair stylists also gain traffic on the app, showing different hairstyles and some of the techniques they use. Wig stores also use this app to promote their products, such as human hair, baby hair, hd lace, edge control and more.

This app has undoubtedly occupied a third of people's lives. Black women use this app to look for trending styles, products or tutorials to do their own hair. Hair stylists and wig stores show their operating models on the platform to gain followers, are only 60s videos or less.TikTok is changing us, not only affecting the consumption medium of our daily life, but also determining which wig products we choose.

The influence of TikTok creators is huge, and it's amazing that followers follow in the creator's footsteps and find a suitable wig or style . Truly do it through the screen to change lives! I hope every queens will also find your own wig style according to DNE HAIR OFFICIAL.