How to care for wigs, hair pieces and extensions

The proper key about wig care is to use right technique and products. Using a wig care product specifically designed for wigs can make all the difference and will make your wig look more beautiful , even extend your wig life. Here are our expert tips to help you care for your wig by cleaning, conditioning and styling it. Remember: If you love your hair, it will love you back!

Cleaning and conditioning wigs

Human hair wigs have special needs to maintain look and feel. Because wigs made from human hair using chemical treatment during production. It's a must for wig soft care are essential for a natural look! To keep your hair looking best, you must use hair care products specifically designed to fit your life. It is not necessary to wash every day, but other steps need to be taken before or after each wear.

When it comes to learning how to care wig, most guides omit one key step: cleaning the wig cap. Learn how and why this step is so important here.


  • Product

While a regular mild shampoo may seem like a good idea, you'll get even better results if you choose a product specifically designed for processed hair. This will protect your investment and keep your hair looking great. Pls don't use parabens, sulfates, ethylene glycol, phthalates, DEAs, and artificial dyes to your wig. If you like variety or everyday styling, human hair is the way to go.
Wig experts suggest that if you like human hair wigs, consider buying two. You can avoid overdoing it by keeping one end curly and the other straight.

  • Hydrates

While you want to wash your hair as little as possible, it's important that you hydrate daily with leave-in conditioner. Natural hair uses oils from the scalp to retain moisture. Of course, this doesn't happen with wigs or hair accessories. These products will also protect hair before any hot styling.

  • Operation and Completion

Finishing touches make your style look completely custom! Colored wigs and hair accessories from the DNE series will highlight your life.
Hair gule is soft and perfect for any style. It offers a flexible hold human hair wigs. A styling wonder that will keep your style without stiffness and improve your look with extraordinary staying power! Glue is recommended!