How to style your baby hair?

We all know that wigs without baby hair aren't perfect, and if you're a newbie, baby hair can help your wig look more natural. With the pursuit of beauty, there are more and more styles of baby hair, learn this trick, your baby hair will be created by you!

Tools needed to make baby hair:
scissors or razors;
heating tool;

How to style baby hair?

  • Trim the lace

To create baby hair on a wig, start by trimming off the lace. When cutting the lace, you can place the device on the head of the wig, or on your
own head. Putting it on your head makes it easier to trim according to your natural hairline. Leave a very small amount of shellac exposed so you don't get knots and you have a small amount of shellac to grab while installing.

  • Create the part

Create the desired section on your lace front wig before you pick and cut. You can also pluck along that section for a more natural look. Here are a few things to keep in mind when parting your wig: Before placing the wig, make sure your natural hair is flat on your head Use a rat-tail or fine-toothed comb to pull your hair in the exact direction you want Or use the mouse on one side to comb the hair flat and clearly define the section before trimming the baby's hair.

  • Separate baby hair

You put it on your forehead a little bit. Just press the gel or glue with your fingers. Cut the hair on the sides of the wig. Use a fine-toothed comb to separate one side of the wig. Use a rat-tail comb to cut off the baby's hair, separating this small section from the rest of the frontal lobe.

  • Cut baby hair

Hold a section of hair between your fingers and pull it tight. Using sharp scissors or a razor comb, trim the hair, leaving about an inch of baby hair for styling later. The edges of the scissors are clean and sharp, while the serration of the razor comb is more natural. The styling is done after the unit is installed, if you are not ready to install it, skip this step

Whatever baby hair you want to create, choose high-quality human hair wigs. At DNE, we offer 100% virgin, human hair wigs and hair bundles or tape in hair in a variety of textures and styles.