Tips you should know when you dying 613 blond wig

We know 613 wigs are the latest fashion wigs, especially suitable for dyeing the light-colored wigs you want, buying a blonde wig is equivalent to buying other light-colored wigs! Because the color of 613 wig is light, no needs bleach . How to dye 613 wig the color you want? Please follow the steps to complete.

1. Tools needed to dye 613 wigs

  • A blonde wig
  • Dyeing paste or dyeing liquid
  • water
  • PVC gloves
  • a container

2. The steps of dyeing 613 wigs

a. Prepare to dye 613 wigs
Recommend you wear an apron, then put on PVC gloves. next fill that container with water, you need to put the 613 wig into this container later for dyeing.

b. Dyed 613 wig
Squeeze hair dye in the water first, then stir it evenly. You can put the wig from the end into the water and soak it fully after water changes color. This step needs to be repeated several times. Remember to let your 613 wig stay for a while after each coloring, so that the wig can fully absorb the dye.

c. Style 613 Wigs
When done dyeing your 613 wig, take it out and drain. Then put the wig on a stand to control the moisture. Then layer the wig to get the look you want. If you feel that the wig is too frizzy, you can add some lubricating oil or hair oil.

Three steps to easily dye 613 wigs, have you learned it? If you haven't bought your 613 wig, come to DNE to choose a suitable 613 wig for yourself!