Everything you should know about colored wigs

In recent years, girls' aesthetic vision improved, queens are pursuing colored wigs. At this time, brightly colored wigs meet the market. Colored wigs require more maintenance than natural black wigs, so this article can give you some advice.

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What is a colored wig

Flexibility makes colorful wigs popular. Whether you are looking for blonde wig (also called 613 wigs), brown wig, or pink wigs, you can easily buy them in DNE wig shop. We only offer high quality virgin human hair wigs.


Why choose to buy colored wigs

1. Affordable price

It is cheaper to buy colored wigs from a hair manufacturer than to buy and color them yourself.

This is because when you choose to color your wig, you will have to buy all the tools needed for coloring, which increases the cost of buying the wig again.

2. Save time

You can avoid all the hassle of dyed or damaged hair by buying colored wigs from a trusted hair maker. DNE is your best choise. DNE has everything you want.

3. Multiple choices

The wigs in our store come in a variety of colors, you can freely find and choose what you like.

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How often you should wash colored wigs depends on:

1. The frequency of wearing wigs
If you wear colored wigs everyday, that it can get dirty quickly. So you have to clean it regularly, about twice a week. If you don't wear wigs often, you don't have to clean them as often, usually after a week or two. For washing wigs, please refer blog " How to wash wigs."

2. The quality of the wig

The quality of the wig can also determine how often you wash it. The worse the quality of the wig, the easier it is to deteriorate, and it will shed and tangled. We only have 100% virgin hair, high quality and not easy to damage, so washing once a week is enough.

3. Maintenance of wigs
A well-maintained colored wig doesn't need more cleaning. In great condition, such as don't wear wig in sleep, store it properly, or take good care of, then you don't need to wash it frequently. Note: excessive cleaning can damage our wigs. How to care, please refer blog " Wig Care Tips."